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Projected Scores on FutureScores

FutureScores.net uses advanced expert machine learning and data analysis to provide projected scores for a variety of sports. What started out as a hobby operation has now turned into a full-fledged, advanced modeling system that produces college basketball score predictions, college football score predictions , NFL score predictions, and MLB score predictions. These models continue to improve with the large amount of sports information available, and as more advanced techniques are applied.

So why provide this information for free? For one - we aim to become the biggest online sports predictions and picks service out there. Instead of providing "expert" sports picks, which in reality are just unreliable educated guesses, we have data to back us up. One thing that sets us apart - we have full verification for all of our sports picks. We will not sugar coat any of it. We provide the information, and you choose what to do with it.

Why FutureScores?

FutureScores.net provides all the information for predicted sports scores. We know that it is hard to get an edge, and we put it all out there. The real value comes in our projected sports scores target zones. With advanced analytics, we are able to identify in real-time favorable trends against the Las Vegas spread. Think of it as layers of confidence. For instance, a NCAA football predicted score found on our college football page may have a 56% chance of beating the Vegas spread, but if it's within a specific target range, it may actually have a 65% chance! This type of edge proves invaluable.

Each sport is different, and some are more difficult than other. Major League Baseball scores, found on our picks page for MLB , have a much narrower range of outcomes. However, we often find the most success with these models. Our expert college basketball picks predict most Division 1 games every night. The model continuously updates when new stats are available and compares the outcomes to the Las Vegas spread. And our NFL model may have the most skill of all with a certain range of games.